House Bills that Were Enacted in 2011
HB25 – Finance Department, monthly financial reports regarding General Fund and Education Trust Fund, required,
to be published on Finance Department’s website.
HB57 – Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act.
HB58 – Public officials or spouses of public officials, names and compensation of those who are employed  by or
have contracts with a municipality, a county, or the state, public disclosure required, filing with Ethics Commission.
HB108 –Sports, youth athletes, concussions or head injuries, Alabama High School Athletic Association and local
boards of education to develop guidelines regarding medical evaluation, removal from practice or game, written
clearance from health care provider to return to play
HB123 – Education budget, appropriations for the support, maintenance, and development of public education
HB261 –This bill would include as a capital offense rape in the first degree, sodomy in the first degree, and sexual
torture in the first degree where the defendant is over the age 21 and the victim is less than 6 years of age.
HB321 – This bill would clarify the definitions of profit and nonprofit schools and would allow additional nonprofit
schools to apply for exemption from licensure.
HB335 –This bill would specifically authorize a city or county on request to install a deaf or blind child area sign
on a residential road or  street.
HB348 –Grandparents’ Rights to visitation and custody.
HB368 – Montgomery Board of Education.  Decrease the term from 6 to 4 years.
HB414 –Retirement, judges, education employees, including teachers, state employees, firefighter, law enforcement
officer, correctional officer, retirement contributions increased, Pension Accumulation Fund
HB415 –Children First Trust Fund, receipts allocated for State Board of Education transferred to General Fund during
fiscal year ending 2011
HB433 –Child Nutrition Program, funds allocated for may be redirected for other current expenses for local boards
of education for current fiscal year, State Superintendent of Education to approve
HB455 –Education, local superintendent of education, time period for filling position extended, appointment of
interim superintendent provided for
HB502 – Disabled, including persons blind and hearing impaired or person diagnosed with autism spectrum, use
of service animal in public places, including public or private schools, training authorized of service animal.
HB514 –Public contracts, competitive bids, potential conflict of interest, members and officers of public entities
may have financial interest in public contract if contract existed before public service begins or member or officer
does not participate in decision process
HB621Set state school board districts in accordance with the 2010 census.
Senate Bills that Were Enacted in 2011
SB43 –Public School Fund, local boards of education authorized to use certain monies for debt payments and
insurance on public school facilities
SB52 –Foundation Program, combining of fractional teacher units to make whole units authorized, units not
combined to be used for salaries and benefits
SB72 – This bill would prohibit new participation in the DROP Program after April 1, 2011, and would impose
limits on interest that could be paid on DROP accounts.
SB78 –This bill would authorize the Alabama Public School and College Authority to use the proceeds, premium
income, and investment income of bonds authorized pursuant to Act 99-348 and Act 2002-240 for construction,
reconstruction, alteration,  improvement, and equipping of buildings and other facilities for general education
purposes and for administrative costs.
SB219 –This bill authorizes county and city boards of education, with the approval of the State Superintendent
of Education, to issue interest-bearing warrants for educational purposes payable from such revenues or tax proceeds
as are  lawfully available. The warrants would be sold at public or private sale, and the warrants would be tax exempt.
SB222 –This bill would clarify that the prohibited offer, gift, solicitation, or receipt of anything, as contemplated in
Section 36-25-7, Code of Alabama 1975, as amended, must be for the purpose of corruptly influencing official action
and would define corruptly.
SB242 –This bill would make an appropriation of $42,112,181 from the Children First Trust Fund for the fiscal year
ending September 30, 2012, to the entities and for the purposes designated in Section 41-15B-2.2, Code of Alabama
1975.  Other provisions are included regarding notification and reporting considerations.
SB271 –This bill would allow a local board of education, upon approval of the State Superintendent of Education, to
make up cancelled instructional days due to weather or other extenuating circumstances by adjusting the hours of
actual instruction.
SB296 –Sex offenders, notification and registration, comprehensive procedure for registration by adult and juvenile
sex offenders, notification by law enforcement, employment and residency limited, registration fees authorized, Sex
Offender Registration and Community Notification Act
SB310 – Students First Act.  Education employees, procedures regarding employment actions of revised, Teacher
Tenure Law and Fair Dismissal Act repealed