Bills that were enacted either in the 2012 Regular or Special Session


Bill NameDescriptionEnacted
HB603Removes the portion of the 2010 law that caused the Supreme Court to throw out the class action settlement
Enacted 2012-198
HB431School Board Governance Improvement Act of 2012; provides for additional requirements for school board members to serve, including minimum educational requirement and training requirements among othersEnacted 2012-221
HB466Ethics, defines the term de minimis, $25 gift limitEnacted 2012-433
HB308Mandates local school board policy to restrict activity of athletes suffering concussions for certain number of days.Enacted 2012-314
HB165State DOE provides electronic textbooks for grades 9-12
Enacted 2012-560
HB504Extends exemption from bidding to national cooperative purchasing programsEnacted 2012-557
HB019Allows private driver's education instructors to conduct Driver's License testingEnacted 2012-501
HB136Exempts public employees earning less than $50,000 from the Ethics law
Enacted 2012-509
HB407Provides for change in baseline date as it relates to the Base Closure and Realignment Commission as it relates to bond proceeds Enacted 2012-562
HB670Farm to School Procurement Act, coordinated effort between Department of Education and Department of Agriculture and Industries to provide local grown food to schools, exempting some purchases from competitive bid laws
Enacted 2012-437
HB588Requires state superintendent to develop a school grading system reflective of school and district performance.
Enacted 2012-402
HB734 substituteProvides for additional $40 million appropriation to the Budget Stabilization FundEnacted 2012-489
HB360Flexible School Calendar Act of 2012; allows local boards to establish calendar providing 180 instructional days, using hourly equivalents if desired, within specified period of timeEnacted 2012-482
HB603PACT legislation change to allow Supreme Court to approve class action settlement.Enacted 2012-198


BillDescriptionAct Number
SB102Birmingham Board of Education; all to assume office on the fourth Tuesday in October after election
Enacted 2012-229
SB143Appropriates $5,000 yearly supplements for teachers obtaining National Board certification through NBPTS
Enacted 2012-263
SB028Lowers mandatory school attendance age from 7 to 6
Enacted 2012-295
SB318Governor's Recommended Budget for FY13Enacted 2012-569
SB257Mandates a $300 allotment for supplies per classroom funded under the Foundation Program
Enacted 2012-414
SB030Creates a statewide database for public contracts and bids.Enacted 2012-407
SB213Strips public employees of portions of their retirement if that employee is convicted of certain offenses.Enacted 2012-412
SB191Provides clear guidelines for school bus drivers to be allowed to drive a school bus
Enacted 2012-372
SB143Teachers certified by National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, supplemental appropriations from Education Trust Fund to Education Department for salary supplementsEnacted 2012-263