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State Board of Education Work Session – October 25, 2012

While there wasn’t much of anything new discussed at this work session, there was some very interesting discussion among board members about the state of public education in Alabama and what their concerns are.  Those comments are best heard with your own ears, but I will give you a glimpse into their discussion to hopefully entice you to tune in for yourself.

I believe that it is very important for those of us who are affected by the policies and regulations that are created to govern public education in Alabama to understand how those who are elected to create those policies and regulations are thinking about our K-12 public education system in Alabama.  The ALSDE has done a tremendously valuable service by allowing the work sessions and board meetings to be broadcast via the Internet. This gives an unprecedented look inside the workings of our state board of education to see not only WHAT rules and policies they create, but WHY they are created.

As a strong believer in the broader school community’s participation in policy- and rule-setting, along with active governance by the school community of our public schools, seeing government in action is a key to calling us to action.  We have no excuse not to know what it is our leaders in education are considering.  Our Superintendent, Dr. Tommy Bice, with full approval of our state board of education, is implementing changes in public education at lightning speed. We must understand how those changes affect our children, our schools, and the future of public education in Alabama.

Here’s the video.  Here’s the agendaHere are the materials that were presented.

The material discussed was basically a repeat of the September work session, with a few tweaks and changes.   Continue reading